Basic Cremation

Low Cost Cremation Service

Simple Options For Peace Of Mind

Choosing cremation can be a simple process as well as an affordable one. When a loved one is lost, having an option that provides respect, dignity, and value can ease the decision making process at a very difficult time. We provide that here at CARE Funeral Services with our Simple Cremation Service.

Simple Cremation

  • Discounted fee listed
  • Base fee is $1050

What is included in our basic cremation:

  • One man removal of the deceased from the hospital morgue Monday thru Friday to CARE Funeral for 48 hours as required by law prior to disposition.
  • Initial consultation with executor or next-of-kin at your home or our office and completion of necessary documents with Vital Statistics (registration of death).
  • Transportation of the deceased to the crematorium in a cremation casket ( to a maximum of 200 lbs )
  • A complimentary listing on our website obituary page

Please note: Fees include any or all of the services mentioned below

Two man immediate removal (e.g. from a house, rest home, etc.): add $250

Transportation beyond a 30 km radius of Victoria City Hall: $1.60 per km, + ferry & ancillary costs

To view the full list of services included click here