Simple Cremation

SIMPLE CREMATION (Includes all taxes and fees) $1528.50

urnCARE - text image1 has been looking after the funeral needs of southern Vancouver Island for over 25 years.  Our reputation for quality, caring service and low prices is second to none.  We have no commission sales staff, which means there is no incentive to “up-sell” our clients. When you deal with CARE - text image1 you can be certain your needs come first!

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  • initial consultation with executor or next-of-kin at your home or our office
  • removal of the deceased from the hospital morgue
  • completion of necessary documents with Vital Statistics (registration of death);
  • Transfer of deceased to crematorium
  • Minimum cardboard cremation container
  • Temporary cardboard urn
  • Cremation fee
  • A complimentary listing on our website’s obituary page
  • 1 Death Certificate

 Additional Services & Fees

  • Witness cremation  $200.00
  • Surgically Remove Pacemaker $100.00
  • Visitation, prayers or viewing for 2 yours Mon-Fri 9-5 $250
  • Visitation, prayers or viewing for 2 hours evening and weekends $350
  • Urns – in stock or by catalogue from $40.00
  • Oversized cremation casket (between 250 to 450 lbs.) $288.00

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