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Stories of funeral experiences from Care Funeral Services clients.

My Dad’s Funeral
My Dad had only one request for his funeral… that was to have a bugler from the Naden Band play “The Last Post” at the graveside.

We have always used Care Funeral Services for our family funerals. Both my wife’s parents, my younger sister who was killed by a drunk driver and now both of my parents. So in talking with Bill Buckley (the owner of Care) I mentioned my Dad’s wish for a bugler. He paused for a moment and I could see that he was thinking. “You know…” he said “you should enquire to see if they will provide pallbearers. Military units will often provide these services for their retired members and it can be very impressive.” (I would never have thought of doing this.)

Then I made the appropriate calls. Bill coordinated with the commander of the Naden Band and sure enough… when we got to the cemetery a contingent of 15 members of the Naden Band was there. They carried his casket to the grave in military fashion, stood at attention while the Last Post was played. Did the whole flag folding routine… handed the flag to the commander. He marched over and stood in front of my Sister and me, handed her the flag and saluted us. I was surprised at what an emotional experience that was. In my minds eye I could see my Dad standing there holding hands with my Mom with a big grin on his face.

Not only does Bill charge less than his competitors in the funeral industry, he really does care about those that are left behind, and often thinks of things like this. It was the highlight of the entire funeral service and a great way to say goodbye to my Dad.

Thanks Bill.

Posted by Bob Nelson.