Additional Service Options and Other Charges for 2022

  • Please Note: These fees were set on January 20th, 2022, and will, barring increases by suppliers and unforeseen circumstances, be effective until December 31, 2022.

Provincial Death Certificate, each  $27 
Certified copy  $20

Cremation Casket up to 200 lbs is included in the base fee
Cremation casket between 200 to 300 lbs   $145
Cremation casket between 300 to 450 lbs   $288
Cremation charges:  starting at   $675 (cremains returned in cardboard container)
Care Funeral‘s fee for witness cremation   $200
Embalming and dressing (may not be mandatory)   $600
Preparation and dressing of the deceased   $400
Preparation and dressing of the deceased following autopsy add  $200
Surgically remove pacemaker    $100
Ship Outs, vary by destination    >call for quote
Visitation, prayers or viewing for 2 hours Mon-Fri 9-5    $250
Visitation, prayers or viewing for 2 hours evenings, weekends & holiday  $550
Caskets in stock or by catalogue from    $770
Urns in stock or by catalogue from    $45 
Transportation beyond a 30 km radius of Victoria City Hall:    $1.60 per km, plus ferry and ancillary costs
Obituary notice fees:    varies according to newspaper
Assistance with composition and submission of obituary notice:  included in Options B, C and D & $75 when added to Option A

Stationery:  (call for prices)
A) Memorial Books, vary from wood to zerlox
B) Memorial Cards, black & white or full color, 5 1/2 x 8 1/2 or 8 1/2 x 11
C) Prayer Cards, come laminated or unlaminated
D) Acknowledgement Cards, come in various packages

Donation to church or chapel (varies)
Honorarium to clergy    up to $350
Honorarium to organist    up to $200
Verger    $100 when applicable
Reception facilities & staff    $400
Tea/coffee/cookies/tea biscuits    $12.00 per person
Deluxe service: add sandwiches and dessert bars    $17.50 per person
Call for prices on other options
Delivery of urn or documents    min $75
Scattering of ashes at Care Funeral‘s discretion    $75
Flowers    price varies
BPCPA administrative fee for each death registered in the Province    $40.00
Taxes where applicable, currently GST @ 5%