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Funerary Terms

The following are common terms used within the funeral industry:

Funeral:  A Religious or Secular service with a body present.

Memorial:  A Religious or Secular service without a body present.

Simple Service: As defined by Care Funeral Services will include; meeting with the next of kin, transfer of the deceased from a hospital morgue to our funeral home,registering the death with Vital Statistics for the Province of BC, acquiring a Burial Permit which will allow the disposition of choice, issuing and providing one Provincial Death Certificate, a minimum cremation casket with a maximum weight capacity of 250 lbs, transfer to the local crematorium, the cremation fee, as well as taxes and fees.
Embalming:  A procedure which treats the body of the deceased with chemicals, etc. to delay decay; not presently required by law in the Province of British Columbia. Original formulae were a formaldehyde base; newer forumulae may be formaldehyde-free.

Cremation:  An optional form of disposing of human remains using intense heat (approx. 2000 degrees).

Interment:  The act of burying or entombing a funeral urn.

Prearrangement:  Filing your funerary wishes with a funeral home in advance; ensures your wishes are known by others in the event of death.

Prepayment:  Paying for funeral services in advance; may lock in today’s prices for tomorrow’s needs. At Care Funeral all prepayment funds held in trust are fully refundable if for any reason your plans change.

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