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About Care Funeral

We have chosen the name “CARE” to represent the high standard of excellence that you, your family and loved ones will receive from the management and staff (meet our staff) at CARE Funeral Services Funeral Services. Our name is an acronym that constantly serves to remind each of our staff and every family we assist that the standards as defined below are those by which we must serve:

Caring and Compassionate

Service for you and your family is made possible by the fact that we are locally owned and family operated. From the initial consultation, whether in your home or in our office, the management and staff at CARE Funeral Services offer a high standard of excellence to you and your family in your time of need. At CARE Funeral Services, we understand the heartache and despair that comes with the death of a loved one. Realizing the faith and trust you are placing in us we believe it is our job to do all that we can to make this as easy and uplifting an experience as possible.

Attentive and Affordable

Through 200 years of evolution Funeral Home facilities have grown in size and luxury. By operating from more modest facilities and keeping our overhead low, CARE Funeral Services is able to offer affordable Professional Fees. We are also pleased to offer a substantial savings on such things as caskets, urns, grave markers, etc. These products are from the same manufacturers and of the same quality as those offered by other Funeral Homes.

Reliable and Respectful

At CARE Funeral Services we explain in a forthright manner all your funerary options and then with no pressure we are confident you will make those choices best suited to you, your beliefs and circumstances.

Equality and Excellence

Some Funeral Homes operate with a two price system. At these establishments. This system penalizes non-members with higher fees at a time when they are least prepared to deal with added financial concerns. At CARE Funeral Services we believe in a one price system, offering the same caliber of service to all is more equitable and fair. With no membership required, we offer to all a one price system with lower fees than our competitor’s prices.

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